Personal Training .

At Elite, we like to look at your training from a different perspective. We understand each client's fitness journey is unique, so we design our programs around your goal and timeline. Whether you are motivated, focused, or obsessed, one of Elite’s professionals will guide you to success.


The Elite Difference .

Elite Fitness personal trainers focus on getting each member to understand the mechanics of an exercise using their own bodyweight before adding weights. This way, each member can build confidence, strength and mobility. While it is true that movement is innate for babies and young children, years of sitting at a school desk and then a work desk cause muscles tighten and they're unable to move properly. At Elite, our trainers are aware of this, and make sure to correct range of motion before racking up weights. Expecting clients to lift heavy or muscle through exercise before proper technique is taught would be malpractice.  Our trainers ensure that each member trains in a safe and effective way to reach their full potential.


Many times, people have the misconception that exercising is "too hard" or even "painful". Without the knowledge of proper form, many people to push through, neglecting the body's signals that something is off. At Elite, we provide the right tools and techniques to make exercise effective.

Furthermore, executing exercises incorrectly will set you up for a downward spiral. When you don't work out with correct form, you make tense and tight areas even more tense and tight. This will cause imbalances in other areas of life, as well.


At Elite, we take training seriously. We take our members seriously, as well as our trainers. Our in-house development program is broken down into four components: Theory, Movement Execution, Program Design and Exercise Progression. In an effort to mold the best trainers in the area, we spend time teaching our trainers how to break down each exercise. Our trainers fully understand the technique, potential areas of compensation and the science of progressing an exercise in order for each member to maximize their potential. 

Elite's programing is not based on what on the hype of the week or what is “fun and hot” at the time. Instead, it is based on what has been proven over and over again to yield the best results. Our concept remains the same; fundamental movements performed precisely with the appropriate intensity will enable our clients to create bodies they're proud of. 


WE provide real-world training programs tailored to each individual based on their specific needs. With proven, long-lasting results, Elite produces some of the best in the area.  We focus on the correct execution of movements while concentrating on ways to maximize results. Using a solid foundation and strategically progression of movements to improve your strength in the most efficient way. As we engrain good habits inside the gym, you will apply those principles in your everyday life. It’s not about just looking the part; it’s about actually living it.


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