open gym.

Tired of the corporate-fitness boom yet?  We are far from your typical budget gym.  You'll find how it use to be!  We offer you a  “Old-school gym” offering you a serious strength facility with NO binding contracts or costly hidden sign up fees!  SOON to be 24HR!

Mathew and Dan had one goal in mind when creating the facility- allow anyone who comes in to be able to train the way they want. The facility allows various types of training under one roof.

Elite Training Facility has a turf field for functional training and bootcamp classes which run several times a day. Some of the equipment on the turf include: TRX, kettlebells, sled, plyo boxes, and squat racks just to name a few.

The lower level is where a bulk of the weights and machines are located. These machines include, but are not limited to, four-power racks, various leg and back machines, cable machines, and dumbbells that go all the way up to 160lbs! For the powerlifters and strength athletes, we offer specialty bars (safty squat bar, deadlift bar, swiss bar, etc.), calibrated plates, and serious power racks.

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